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LinkData mission

LinkData's mission is to promote open data by providing a simple way for anyone to create Linked Open Data and publish it. LinkData's unique approach is easy to use for both novice and expert. It provides a simple field based template system combined with hosting that differs from any other Converter to RDF . By this we support the "Web for ALL" mission of the inventors of the World Wide Web - the W3C Consortium.

We aim to generate new knowledge with this service by creating a linked repository for web data of any type ranging from human related information to scientific biological data, as well as by bringing diverse data creators and application developers together in collaboration.

Open standards
LinkData provides data as a free service using Linked Open Data (LOD) open standards for RDF document works. LinkData respects both the spirit of Open Information and as well as Intellectual property by implementing the Creative Commons technical infrastructure of copyright licenses and tools for classifying works, and by encouraging good practices for attribution and provenance within user's linked open data. LinkData ascribes to the W3C "elements of openness" .

Semantic web principles
LinkData is built on Semantic web principles to publish and link users' works as "Linked Data" on the "Web of Data" using RDF (Resource Definition Format). Our goal is also to make it easy for users to build a fabric of organized knowledge using vocabularies known as ontologies. ( See Semantic web FAQ ).
We strive for a system to be created and curated by those who understand their own languages best by using key concepts of international web design .
LinkData also refers to the organization of distributed partners we invite to collaborate and spread this activity globally.

Transgenic Arapbidopsis thaliana plant with synthesized DNA
designed by Finalist participant of the first GenoCon 2010 Challenge





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