Publish your application as JavaScript

that mashes up the Linked Open Data

How to create an App?

Method1 Image


"Create App".

②Recommended LinkData works will be displayed.

After checking the box next to the file name which is used in your App as input data, click the

"create new application using this data"


If you want to search for other data, click


to display all LinkData works published in


③After clicking create button, sample codes of JavaScript will be displayed.

The sample code is a program which shows all contents of the data you selected in the previous step.

Let's edit code and create your original program!


④After finish creating your program, click the

"finish Editing"

button to save and publish your program as an App work.

* You need to login when you save it.

* An App is NOT published if you set the security level to "private" or "limited".


⑤Now you will see the public page for the App that was registered.

If you want to edit it, click the "edit" button to display edit page.

* Only the creator can edit an App.


Let's create your App!

>> go to Create App
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